Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Opulent Conferences. These Terms and Conditions govern your participation in our conferences, including registration, attendance, and use of our services.

Registration Policies:

  • Registrations can be completed online, offering the convenience of payment via credit/debit cards or wire transfer, based on your preference.
  • For online registration using a debit/credit card do check back with your respective banks or card issuer to authorize the international payments for a seamless process.
  • Payments are accepted via bank or wire transfers as detailed in the invoice we issue. Please send us a confirmation once the payment is made, and allow us 3-5 business days to verify the transaction on our end.
  • Early bird registrations, group registrations, and all other special offers are subject to discounts valid through the dates specified on our website for more info email us at contact@opulentconferences.com.

Visa Approval Responsibility:

  • Please note that Opulent Conferences or its organizing body does not have any direct or indirect influence over visa approvals. The responsibility for obtaining a valid visa to attend the conference lies entirely with the participant. While we can provide a letter of invitation to support your visa application upon request, if required we are happy to respond to embassy emails regarding your confirmation of participation and the obligation to secure a valid visa for conference attendance rests solely with the participant.
  • Participants are advised to initiate their visa application well in advance of the conference dates to accommodate any potential delays in processing.
  • Before submitting a visa application ensure that all required documentation is submitted according to the relevant embassy Terms and Conditions or consulate's requirements.
  • Participants are encouraged to review the visa requirements for their specific situation and to contact the appropriate registered travel agencies, embassy, or consulate for assistance.
  • Opulent Conferences is not liable for any issues that may arise from visa rejection or the inability to obtain a visa, and cannot offer refunds based on visa denial.
  • For any advice and information please contact us at help@opulentconferences.com.

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